Since 1950 we are sharing our history, achievements, strengths and know-how all over the world

Our expertise and flexibility in the manufacturing process of cooking appliances have contributed to our expansion to over 60 different markets worldwide.

An italian success Story

The Company was founded in 1950 by Elio Baggio, as a family business, in the village of Marostica (Vicenza province). Elio was the son of an entrepreneur, Pio Baggio, who owned various activities, such as building materials (bricks), pottery and quarrying. The initial main business was the operation of an enamelling plant, as a subcontractor, along with a small production of wood/coal stoves for cooking/heating purposes.
The plant gradually specialized in enameling body components of stoves and cookers as well as bathtubs, sinks, etc. required by major manufacturers of Northern Italy, such as Zanussi, Zoppas, Fargas. By the end of the fifties, the post-second world war reconstruction was over and the following years were characterized by a huge demand for basic household appliances, like cookers and refrigerators.
This situation led Elio Baggio to build a new factory in 1960, in the town of Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza province), and to concentrate his activity in the manufacturing of freestanding cookers for the domestic market. The factory brand became ELBA, which is the acronym of the founder Elio Baggio.
This year marks the beginning of the production of built-in cooking appliances. Initially, built-in electric ovens and soon after hobs, made to satisfy growing demand from the furniture industry.
The De'Longhi Group acquired ELBA and other factories belonging to Elio Baggio, who had by then decided to leave behind the manufacturing activities. ELBA needed to define a new structure and dimension, proper to the growing expectations from the appliances industry and in line with the ambitions of the De’Longhi Group.
In 2006 the acquisition of Elba by Fisher&Paykel Group marks another milestone in the factory history. It is the beginning of successful cooperation. The combined efforts and skills of the two R&D departments led to the development of an even more advanced and styled high-level built-in cooking program. Two years later, in 2008, the turnover reached its highest level with over 92 million Euro.
With further expansion into the Middle East, the company’s position has been consolidated by the introduction of new built-in products with gas technology. This year saw the launch of the "Talent for Cooking" slogan, which from now on will complement the company’s official branding.
Haier Europe acquires Fisher & Paykel Appliances Italy, formerly part of the Haier Smart Home Group.

Totally made in Italy 

What is the secret of our success? The Italian style that the world envies us and that we do we have been giving our products for seventy years. The Italian style is not only transpired in the design but it comes also declined in technologies. 

Style, design and technology: all is made in Italy

We have chosen to maintain all manufacturing stages in our country in order to benefit from the added value arising from a combination of working procedures, creative processes, know-how and expertise.

54.000 mq production plant in the heart of Veneto

Production totally concentrated in the Veneto region, in north-east of Italy, guarantees care in the details, quality of materials and technologies more and more innovative.

In every stage, high-quality standards

According to our philosophy, “Made in Italy” does not mean only assembly within the Italian territory. It is also the selection of components, both functional and aesthetical, deriving from certified partner companies, as we are, following the high-quality standards required by the certification UNI ISO 9001-2008.

In the heart of your kitchen

Warmth and hospitality, entertainment: this is even more than kitchen. It is a place of conviviality and alchemical experimentation, a space to give and a space to receive hospitality. For more than seventy years, Elba has been bringing life to the home. We understand the importance of home, family, friendship and good food. This is why we've created an Elba cooking appliance for every need of yours.

Quality guaranteed

All stages of the manufacturing process are controlled by a system of procedures and a system of tests and records which ensure the required level of quality in all operations. Elba obtained the international certification of ISO 9001 Standard in September 1998. Our internal quality assurance system was previously certified to the "CE" mark requirements from 1995 onwards. The quality assurance system was updated in November 2009 to comply with ISO 9001:2008, and in July 2018 to comply with ISO 9001:2015