Easy Steam

By evaporating water inside the oven, the Easy Steam function helps food to be better cooked compared to the same cooking without the addition of humidity.


Without using any type of detergent, this function helps remove the dirt inside the oven thanks to the moisture generated by the water warming at 80-90°C.

Leavening 40°C

Built to last and to deal with the demands of daily cooking, these high specification ovens feature the function of Leavening at 40°C by which the dough maintains its characteristics, allowing optimal leavening.

Special function Pizza300°C

The exclusive Pizza special function with its 300°C allows you to cook your pizza perfectly as in a real professional oven.

The upper heating element and the fan turn on. The heat coming from the bottom is diffused by forced convection.

Large oven cavity

74 usable liters (86 gross liters) with 7 levels with easier to remove side racks for your multilevel preparations.

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